From now on you can create your own one-of-a-kind cap. With Spice your cap you finally get the opportunity to create new styles for your cap that go with all your outfits for a unique look, whenever and however you would like. Our unisex base caps, patches and button sets can be combined over and over again to create-or complete your own signature look. Style is a blend and you should be able to make it yours, without compromising on originality and sustainability.

Our exclusively designed by- and produced for Spice your caps are made of 80% organic-cotton and our handcrafted patches are made with genuine leather remnants. The quantity of our handcrafted patches in certain colors, prints or finishes is dependable on the sizes of the leather remnants the patches are made out of. This makes the selection of patches is constantly changing, so you can be sure you always have your own unique patch for every occasion. Our patches are wearable both sides, the back of our patches are hardcore-black with logo and gives you even more styling options. Discover more about how our patches are made here.



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